Euro Vision 6

11 Sep

Right I have just had a bit of excitement. I stopped for the night in a forest just outside of Demigny. My outer tent was up, the inner was drying as were my clothes. I just sat down to catch up on writing my diary when a crack of thunder sounded pretty close. Definately time to put the tarp up. As I almost had it up the rain started, gently at first but increasing to a pour and me scuttling around tying out the sides, getting my clothes in and getting my panniers in. However I have just eaten a whole baguette with chorizo, camembert, tomato and onion from my little nest and am just about to crck open a (slightly warm) beer so I am pretty content.

So I left you at the holiday home with my family, needless to say that was a nice week of relaxation and fine dining; leaving there on Saturday morning felt like the true begining of my trip. I followed the EuroVelo 6 along the banks of the Loire all day in blazing heat on smooth tarmac, a bit nicer than when I set off. I camped by the river just outside Nevers after pushing my ladden bike across a good distance of sand, worth it for the spot though. Monday I reached Nevers and headed off attempting to follow the EV route which I found out is signposted very well in the Loire but not other regions in France. I ended up on a fun, slightly scary dirt track which turned sandy, resulting in me pushing my bike again. However I came across some friendly middle aged french distance runners who pointed me in the right direction. I spent the rest of the day using my road map and coincidentally came back en route before camping in a field near Bourbon Lancy.

Yesterday I carried on with the EV, following the canal that runs parrallel to the Loire most of the day. I had a frustrating moment as I stopped for something to eat in Paray le Monial; one of my posh sandals had fallen out my pannier. ‘It must have been when I clipped the annoying barriers you have to zig zag through.’ I thought. ‘I did that a few times probably up to 30km ago! Do I go back and look? What if I don’t find it? It would so frustrating throwing away the other shoe!’ Anyway all was good, I went back to the impressive canal bridge and asked a friendly looking couple of cyclists. The woman excitedly told me it was just back a little way, so happily I retrieved it and went about my day with a smile.

I was making good time, I have a Couchsurfing host in Besancon (Don’t ask me how to do the accent on the C) on Thursday so I decided to stop at a campsite to have a shower and wash my clothes. I didn’t know it was an expensive one at €13.30 but boy was that shower nice. On the pitch next to me a fellow cyclotourist rolled in; Weinhart, (sorry if that is spelt wrong) he was spending his 2 weeks holidays doing the EV from the West coast of France heading to Basel where I am going. So we chatted and this morning we cycled together until lunch and then went our seperate ways; he stays at campsites every night unlike my roughing it ways. And that is me pretty much up to date. I will leave you with the image of me sitting under my tarp, a buff and a lamp on my head my shirt buttoned up all the way and trousers tucked into my socks swatting the big fat mosquitos in this forest.

ps. sorry if there are spelling mistakes, the little kindle i use can’t keep up with my thumbs so misses letters or spaces sometime. I can’t blame them all on it though, spell check has made me lazy. Photos to come when I get to a computer next.


One Response to “Euro Vision 6”

  1. Louise Botting September 17, 2012 at 5:34 am #

    sounds like an adventure alright! haha hope you’re having fun!!

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